Out of stock/missing FP2 spare parts from online store

Does everybody who buys a new display get this e-mail? If so, I didn’t get one (no problem, since thanks to the forum I would have known what to do, and a short test confirmed the display I got works with the current LineageOS anyway).

That would then be the second automatic (?) e-mail process in connection with the shop that seems broken, see posts from here on.

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You are right, it is not an email. The instructions are on our website.


Well it IS mid September and still no new screens. Seems a few people got emails about available stock, but I never did. Are the people wanting new screens being informed in order of their request, or do you have to just get lucky.

It would be good if I could place a back order instead of checking the site every day hoping for stock … which is always “coming soon”.

Meanwhile, the smashed screen works remarkably well (I put a tiny crack in the screen of a NEXUS 7 and it was immediately un-usable). The worst damage to my FP2 screen is over the proximity sensor so that doesn’t work (screen stays blank during and after calls, and there is no way to turn the screen blanking function off) - but strips of sellotape are keeping the glass shards out of my fingers.

More screens SOON, PLEASE.

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… and that :slight_smile: .


And now my FP2 keeps crashing and re-booting whilst the screen cracks get bigger and bigger. Daren’t strip it down as the display module will shed glass all over the place.

Why oh why can’t we place orders for new displays?? For one, if they knew how many people are waiting they would know how many to make! And the people waiting longest could get a screen first … instead of those able to respond quickly to a random email before they sell out again.

Sigh. Back to the unfairphone at this rate.

Not that I would like to throw money at a broken part, but putting display foil on it should take care of that.


The new cameras are back :slight_smile:



Aperently not anymore…:joy::sweat_smile:

I still can add them to the basket:

Just the display is listed as “Coming soon”.

@ModularKing was right when he posted. There is often a back and forth pattern with availability of modules. I’ve noticed time and again that modules went out of and back into availability several times over the course of a few days.


Thanks for clarifying. I suspected something like that already, although it’s really a bit surprising and I bet more on a mistake.
Just wanted to show, that the modules are available again, so nobody is discouraged to try the shop. :wink:


Not any more! I’m surprised demand for the new cameras is so high (or maybe they severely underestimated demand) the kind of people who buy FP2s are, I’d think, the kind to live with an old camera if it was working rather than junk it to buy a new model. Anyway …

STILL NO DISPLAY MODULES. STILL NO CHANCE TO PRE-ORDER and not the promised emails when stock arrives.

If you want to own a FAIR phone you need an UNFAIR phone as a backup … kinda sad.


What is actually going on with the display modules? Mine has failed just slightly out of warranty with the exact same failure mode as my previous display, which was in warranty. This is a phone that spends 99% of its time either sitting on my desk at work, or sitting on a table at home - no rough treatment here. It’s concerning that replacements aren’t available from the official store, and as yet no reply to my support ticket. If I need to buy a spare phone as backup to my FP2 to cover for the biannual display deaths, it really defeats the point of owning a Fairphone at all. Like someone else said before, colleagues are now starting to mock the almost constant troubles I’m having with my Fairphone. I never had any problems with broken screens on any previous phones, but since buying my FP2 less than two years ago I’ve had three screen deaths. Even to understand why these screen failures are so common and what’s being done about it would be something.

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I don’t think your display module is “out of warranty” as the warranty lasts 2 years after the FP2 arrived at you. And the first FP2s arrived in December 2015.


My display module has broke 6 months ago. I have been waiting since then to be able to order a new one. I received an email in August informing they are back in stock. But I saw the email 3 days too late as I was in holidays. Display modules were already out of stock…
And I’m still waiting. Now my display is becoming horribly broken, and I can’t properly read on my phone…I want to be patient but I really really need a new display! When will you have new displays in stock and how to ensure I’ll be able to order a new one?
I am sure you are doing your best to get them…But in the meantime I will soon be obliged to use another phone…which is not what I want! :frowning: Thank you for your answers and clarifications

Unfortunately this is a user forum that is not supported by Fairphone directly, although some of them are visiting quite regularly.
Please call the support team. You will find the number on this page:

If you could easily buy the core module, it would be possible to buy only some part of fairphone and assemble it.
This would reduce costs and trash, not buying parts I do not need.

These parts are back in stock as long as supply lasts:


I don’t know, where you are living, but maybe the FP communitiy in your area has a spare display.
Take a look for possible contacts here:

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It seems pre order for spare parts is urgently needed.