Out of stock/missing FP2 spare parts from online store

Dont hold your breath for either place to have them any time soon We are waiting since last September/October for new screen from fairphone. Ordered screen for my fairphone and speaker for my husbands from vireo 2 months ago. They took my money but still no sign of products. Seriously annoyed at this stage.


I was in the same position, I ordered from Vireo in April, but recently got them to refund my purchase despite being WAY past their usual 2 week cancellation window. They were really helpful and quick to reply, sorted everything out in minutes!

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Fairphone has published a blog post about FP1 support, in which they also mention:

Another step is to improve our planning and estimates to ensure our supply of Fairphone 2 spare parts meets the demand. After running low on stock in recent months, we are using the limited stock of displays we have to help as many customers as we can who contact customer support. Further, we plan to have all spare parts available in our online shop by the end of August.

(Emphases mine). Then there’s that saying about best laid plans…
Anyway, hopefully this gets sorted soon.


Hi, I’ve been waiting patiently for at least 4 months for the screens to come back in stock because my screen smashed and there were none available (so I couldn’t be on a warranty wait list because of a faulty screen). I signed up to receive knowledge when they came back in stock. I finally got an email a few days ago, and I was at work so couldn’t action it. By the time I finished work they were sold out!!!

How long will we have to wait? Do you also sell screen protectors because this is clearly an issue for many people.

Thank you

That’s what Fairphone says on Twitter about that:

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After 10 months waiti g the screens are finally back in stock just ordered
a few days ago !!

I’m really pis***d right now.

Ordered in April (!) the Display Modul. Received it today and its not working! It stays black … so don’t get too happy that’s back in stock again … :frowning:

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Seems the display module is sold out again.
Anyone have any news when it will be back in stock?
The availability of this module seems to be an ongoing issue!

Well since it’s been sold out for a long time it’s to be expected that the first new batches will all be sold out fast. So it’ll probably take a few more batches until the stock is filled again.

The best way to find out when the’ll be back again is - as always - to subscribe to the email alert in the shop. Also sometimes @Douwe finds out something and updates the first post.

Did you install the latest update before attaching the new display? It is needed for the new batch of displays, and instructions how to do it manually (if your old screen was too broken) should have been sent to you by mail


Does everybody who buys a new display get this e-mail? If so, I didn’t get one (no problem, since thanks to the forum I would have known what to do, and a short test confirmed the display I got works with the current LineageOS anyway).

That would then be the second automatic (?) e-mail process in connection with the shop that seems broken, see posts from here on.

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You are right, it is not an email. The instructions are on our website.


Well it IS mid September and still no new screens. Seems a few people got emails about available stock, but I never did. Are the people wanting new screens being informed in order of their request, or do you have to just get lucky.

It would be good if I could place a back order instead of checking the site every day hoping for stock … which is always “coming soon”.

Meanwhile, the smashed screen works remarkably well (I put a tiny crack in the screen of a NEXUS 7 and it was immediately un-usable). The worst damage to my FP2 screen is over the proximity sensor so that doesn’t work (screen stays blank during and after calls, and there is no way to turn the screen blanking function off) - but strips of sellotape are keeping the glass shards out of my fingers.

More screens SOON, PLEASE.

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… and that :slight_smile: .


And now my FP2 keeps crashing and re-booting whilst the screen cracks get bigger and bigger. Daren’t strip it down as the display module will shed glass all over the place.

Why oh why can’t we place orders for new displays?? For one, if they knew how many people are waiting they would know how many to make! And the people waiting longest could get a screen first … instead of those able to respond quickly to a random email before they sell out again.

Sigh. Back to the unfairphone at this rate.

Not that I would like to throw money at a broken part, but putting display foil on it should take care of that.


The new cameras are back :slight_smile:



Aperently not anymore…:joy::sweat_smile: