Our FP1, FP2 and FP3: Are there many three-generation households?

We’re chuffed to have FPs working in all three generations in our household, and I wonder if there are many others like us.Fairphones


Well here we have two FP2s (one bought new, the other second hand) running on Lineage (my partner and our youngest daughter) and one FP3 (mine!).
And a third FP2 (bought second hand) as an emergency phone/spare parts source.
No FP1 because I discovered FP just before they launched FP2.
My eldest daughter is using a second hand Samsung Galaxy S5 running on Lineage. She’ll probably end up with a second hand FP3 once it dies. Not yet though. The S5, depsite being unfair, is still a fantastic smartphone 6 years after it was launched!


I actually also have all three models.

The FP1 I still used last year when I went to an open air. I think the FP2 is not robust enough for those kind of situations and the battery life - even with powerbank - wouldn’t last 5 days. But then the FP1 was rather unreliable last year. I got plenty of the noisy coloured pixel problems, so I assume it has finally reached its end of life after slightly over 6 years.

So I needed a new festival phone and decided to go for the FP3. I had one demo phone for the FP3 launch event in Hamburg and am convinced it is robust enough and the battery life is awesome. So that became my everyday phone around 2 months ago.

The FP2 I still use to beta test new Lineage OS versions and/or kernels so bugs can be ironed out early before people update their daily driver phones.


Well, not a three-FP-generations household in the strictest sense, but for the time being, yes :wink:

Meet my very own FP1U which is still in daily use, the Aachen Community FP2 permanently living in this single household, too … and my Jollemanhof-lent FP3.


I keep updating and switching the FP2 back and forth in between Fairphone OS, Fairphone Opens OS, /e/, LineageOS, Sailfish OS and Ubuntu Touch.


Just an FP2 household really, but I do have an FP1 for testing/parts and an FP3 on loan. And a very old Sony Mavica camera that was close at hand so I used it to take this picture.