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Is it possible to replace the screen with a smaller one? For me, the screen of the fairphone 5 is just simply too big. 6 inches is the maximum I can handle.

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Sorry, but I’m not sure I understand. Do you want to put a smaller screen on your phone? What would that be useful for? :astonished:


… Why I’ve held out - with much help from FP Spares Dept - with my faithful Fairphone 2 :green_heart::clap:
Smaller, more manageable and pocket-sized, sensibleDimensionedSmartphone :person_cartwheeling::running_man:

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How is this even supposed to work? There isn’t a smaller phone frame behind the display, the frame is just as big. See here, section “Replace the Display”, in the video from about the 3 minute mark on … https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us/articles/18744611991825-Fairphone-5-Replace-a-Spare-Part


changing the screen of the phone to a smaller one is not possible.

changing the screen in the size or accessibility by settings is possible.

this setting dit change a lot on Android i see. long time i didn’t try.

go to settings and accessibility, accessibility using one hand.

this setting make the screen smaller digital. so you can easily reach the screen using one hand.

it’s possible as wel settings this only for the keyboard.

it is in the keyboard settings, (called: using one hand):

go to accessibility in settings to change the screen size, but… its different as before in Android, its not longer a permanent change of size. more like sliding around.

maybe you can install apps how give different options.

the next settings are from factory available
on the Fairphone 5.

go to settings, accessibility, systeem settings, one hand.
its little different now, but maybe it still helps you with using your phone. this setting add a button on the side of the screen. when you toch it the screen move down so you can reach the top of the screen using one hand.

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in the Netherlands the Fairphone 2 is available again.

But without 4G/5G capabilities, it’s quite useless for mobile use.

Funny is, when I got my FP2 years ago, it felt huge compared to it’s predecessor FP1 :wink: .

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That’d what she said!


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