OTG HID: No umlaut characters, wrong key layout


I used my new OTG adapter to hook a real USB keyboard (Fujitsu) to my FP2 (Fairphone Open OS).

That works pretty well (also, mouse works fine, too).

But I miss umlaut characters (a, o, u with two dots above) and the keyboard layout is wrong, seemingly it is US american…

Can I change this somewhere? The android keyboard settings, I thought, only cover the software keyboard over the touch panel? That is correctly in German layout with everything…



There’s some info on how this can be configured on Lineage in the post linked below. I’m not sure whether stock Android / Fairphone Open works the same way, or whether this is lineage specific, but it’s worth a shot:

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Solved. Obviously I connected the keyboard while the screen was locked. Now I did that with unlocked screen, and a dialog popped up “select your layout”. There I could add German layout, and now umlauts work fine, y and z keys have the correct location, as do all the other keys. Thanks!


Add’l info: This is the OTG adapter I used:

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