OTA Update Lineage OS 17.1 results in Bootloop

Dear all,

I am seeking help because I experience some troubles with lineageos updates on my new Fairphone 3.
But first things first: I installed LineageOS sucessfully following the procedure described on the lineageos wiki (Install LineageOS on FP3 | LineageOS Wiki). However, installing news updates via the Updater app in LOS ends up in a bootloop. As far as I understand, it has to have something to do with the a/b boot partitions. Currently the system works stable with b being the active partition. Using OTA Update installs the update (takes about 7 minutes) most presumably to partition a, after rebooting I then get stuck. The only way to return to using the phone is to boot into bootloader mode, and return to partition b with fastboot command fastboot --set-active=b.

In order to force updating, I found a rather inconvenient workaraound:

  1. Download the update to laptop
  2. reboot FP into bootloader
  3. put partition a to active via fastboot
  4. boot into recovery
  5. install update via adb sideload
  6. done.

However, this procedure de facto ignores the advantages of a/b partition setup, is not convenient at all, and feels wrong. Does anyone have a clue how to make partition a useful, and update process smooth again?

Thanks a lot!

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