OTA fails with magisk 24.1

I’m using latest magisk 24.1 and todays OTA fails. I tried with Zygisk on and off. In the magisk app under install there is a install to new slot thing but I feel like that’s supposed to be used if it don’t fail. will I brick my phone if i click it?

Yes, not a good idea probably. The ota fails because at least one partition is not what the ota expects. There is a documentation for magisk how to proceed. Should be on the git repo.
Basically, it is unrooting (restore images or the like in magisk), then apply the ota, don’t reboot, go to magisk and install into inactive slot.

Edit: https://github.com/topjohnwu/Magisk/issues/2657#issuecomment-687768798

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This should cover it?

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