OSMAnd with location set to device only?

Has anyone gotten OSMAnd to work with the location settings set to “device only”? Mine only works with high accuracy, but for that to be selected, my data has to be sent to google, which I don’t want. When I have it set to device only, OSMAnd keeps saying “Position not yet known”, pretty much no matter what I do. Even getting navigation information between two separate addresses (so not from “Current Position” but from two addresses I enter manually) results in the error “Position not yet known”. Anyone know how to help?

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Maybe this is because it takes a while to acquire enough satellites? Check GPS reception in detail with “SatStat” or “Androsens 2” (both available from F-Droid).

I fixed it, but my device is rooted. The file /system/etc/gps.conf is borked. After correcting it and rebooting, I get location without GPS with osmand and here maps

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Thanks for your suggestion: For me current position in OSMAnd now works with Device only after having changed the intermediate position report to = 1 (instead of 0) in /system/etc/gps.conf

What exactly did you do?

I entered the default parameter for xtra (which is, as far as I know, necessary for GPS only) experimented with supl, which in the end I deactivated. Basically, everything from GPS.conf from the XDA thread. Just search on XDA for gps.conf
Actually, whatever the real reason was, osmand and other apps now can locate me with coarse location. There’s a lot of debug and other stuff in the actual GPS.conf

When I change the intermediate_pos to 1, I can’t save the change in the gps.conf file. I am editing with Amaze Text Editor, but the save button doesn’t seem to work (at least the thing I think is the save button, looks a bit like floppy-disk-symbol, to the left of the 3 settings dots). When I leave the file and open it again, intermediate pos is back to 0. Does anyone know why?

Your device has to be rooted. The location, where gps.conf resides, is mounted read/only. You have to remount it read/write to make any changes. If you’re not rooted, you’re out of luck, probably until the next update (I hope they realized they dielivered an unusuble gps.conf). Last thing I heard, it should not take too long now…

Even after the last update, I still have the same issue Emmy mentions. Is it me or this problem was not fixed by the last update?

I did not root my phone, but I try to be as google-free as possible, so no gMaps, no high-accuracy GPS.

Right now OSMAnd only works if I set the localization on High accuracy; any chances I can make it work when on "device only?