OsmAnd and GPS causes Reboot - but without SIM PIN

I noticed the following behaviour (started after the latest update to 17.03.0)
I’m using OsmAnd for either car navigation or GPX-Track tracing on my bike. Then I touch the phone to check the clock or zoom in or out - and the phone reboots. But not really. It goes blue, white, then the grey screen with “loading…” but then my lock screen reappears and I don’t have to re-enter PIN (for neither SIMI).
In the car I also have Bluetooth on and the car never disconnects from my phone. But the phone looses the bluetooth contact to the car.
Does anybody have a solution or idea?

I moved this to #fairphone2help now because it is not a general #software discussion.

I have no idea why that happens and have only the standard solution to offer which means clearing the cache and if that doesn’t help reinstalling related apps.

You said you did the update to 17.03.0 so I assume you have FP open installed.
Does the bug does the bug also appear if you have gps dissabled or in “Device only” (I think its called that way in German its called nur Gerät.) mode?

I’ve experienced this bug on ‘FP open OS’ as well, multiple times within a range of a few days. As far as I remember, it only occurred when using OSMAnd with GPS enabled (I only used “device only”) …

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