OS 13 update has created Wi-Fi Hotspot issues

Since the A13 update I’ve been having problems using my FP3’s Hotspot providing internet to my desktop PC. The precise behaviour varies. Mostly it requires me to activate “Extend compatibility” (Am I right to think this is the new version of selecting the 2.4GHz band?) before the “Use Wi-Fi hotspot” will stay turned on, but sometimes it connects without this. I’d rather use the 5GHz band as the 2.4GHz is quite busy here. Sometimes I have to activate “Turn off … automatically” before the hotspot will stay turned on, but sometimes not. Ocasionally, when I have this activated, the hotspot will start turning off automatically even when I am using the connection. So most of the time I’m stuck with the 2.4GHz band that will suddenly start turning off for no apparent reason.
Anyone having similar problems or have any ideas how this might be fixed?

I have problems with my car that uses Wifi to receive navigation data (traffic, weather etc.). I insert the password and the hotspot works fine, the car system is connected and receives data. The day after, when I use the car again, the hotspot is not registered, I have to insert the password again and manually connect it. I hope this will be fixed in the next updates…

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