Organisation: Old and new fairphone forum

I am getting a bit lost between the old (, and new forum.

Can you explain the relations between the two, and if new logins are required.


The old forum is obsolete and no longer used (or at least, should no longer be used). This new forum has a separate login.

I wasn’t even aware the old forum is still available. Maybe pull the plug on that one?

Hi @fnx - yes, please don’t use the old forum. I believe people can still raise new questions, but we can’t post replies on there any more.

The FP support team will be dealing with the closure of the old site - but we also want to make sure anything that is relevant gets transferred over onto the new forum.

Anyway, enjoy the forum here it’s much easier to use and has much better functionality including moderators! :smile:


Wouldn’t it be a good idea to have a “forum obsolete” notice on all subpages in the old forum?

OK, the new forum is very visibly advertised. And some of the pages in the OLD forum have the title “Community” replaced with a little notice that the forum is obsolete.
BUT: when you research a problem by just googling it and you find a link to an article in the old forum, you might not become aware of the fact that it’s no longer the right place to ask questions. Threads subpages don’t carry the warning notice. So wouldn’t it be great if the little notice appeared on all those pages? Since this is likely were a google search sends you.
The huge “visit our forum” sign at the bottom doesn’t help if you think you ARE in the forum…


Good idea. I’ll flag this up. The support team were looking at how to close off the old forum, so I’ll throw this into the mix.

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I have been searching the web for an issue and found someone with the same (unresolved) problem on the old forum

To be honest, it took me a while to understand that they were two different forums and why I could not log in with the account I just created (created from old forum, trying to log into the new one :-/ )…

To avoid other unattentive users like me to experience the same trouble, the situation should be clarified. For example, prevent user from creating account on the old forum, notify them they are reading an obsolete thread…


The old forum is now closed off.

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