Ordering parts from Fairphone online shop

Have others placed an order through the online shop and then discover that the default delivery address (my home address) is ignored and the delivery address allocated to it by the shop is an address 80 K (50 miles) round journey away. So my questions are 1) has the shop been hacked 2) why is one unable to cancel an order within minutes of placing it. 3) Even though I have a hybrid car 80 K is a lot of fuel… Thanks

Please contact support best via phone.

Edit: your account name shows your full e-mail address will remove it

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Thank you for the account name clean up and thanks for the advice.

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This is indeed the default, they advocate for efficient delivery. In your case it’s not efficient at all. My pickup spot is luckily always quite close. But you can override the delivery to be at your home address. This is shown in the checkout overview. But indeed, it’s best to contactsupport


thanks, there was no check out overview which is where i expectedto be able to decide delivery address. I had used paypal account for payment, maybe this is where the “jump” developed.

A later update: this mainly for information to others that may well come across this problem. Highly recommend that you ring support, very informative. If done within a few minutes of placing order you MIGHT be able to cancel it. Do it now! So, to repeat, if you ring within one half of an hour of placing the order they may well be able to cancel it. Obviously do not order outside of their working hours. Once it is in the system and dispatched they recommend that you log into UPS (you have to sign up and join) to see if you can change the delivery address This is clearly a no because you can only do that once the first delivery has failed. This being a shop and UPS drop off point that will not happen. This advice should be removed from the support system. So next recommendation was to leave the parcel there until they decided to send it back to Fairphone in Amsterdam where it will be checked and if not damaged a refund will be given. Does anyone have any idea how long that is, a week, a month, a year? So as you can imagine I am annoyed that I am giving Fairphone a interest free loan until such times they can reimbuse me,. I am annoyed that the second advice is absolutely meaningless as a drop off point set up by and used by UPS will never not work. So obviously I will not be re-ordering the goods today as recommended to be done within the operating hours of support (in case the problem persists and you quickly ring and hopefully cancel) and any recommendation that I am asked for about Fairphone will now have a long rider attached. Thanks for getting this far, hopefully you acted before you read to the end! Best of luck.

For future reference, the above order arrived in Harwich on 21 / 11 / 23 and will start its return journey to the warehouse in Holland after 12 / 12 / 23. Then hopefully the process of a refund can begin.

When I recently ordered parts from UK the cheapest UPS delivery option was to a local Parcel shop, however there was an option for delivery to your home address for a few GBP more.

Agreed, I though was not given the choice, maybe something to do with paying via PayPal. And the nearest collection point as a bird flies requires a 80k round trip or learning how to walk on water! At some point they will be returned to Fairphone and hopefully a refund issued. Thanks

morning, catch up time. Refund from this delivery received in the second week of December. With notification that batteries were back in stock I made the huge mistake or repeating the order. After making sure the delivery address was my home address I ordered and guess what happened. Yes another loan to fairphone, another delivery to Harwich (80k round journey) another internationl phone call to try and cancel the order but …