Order status "order confirmed"?

What does this status mean? I cant find any explanation in the support sites or in the forum. my previous status was “processing”.

I’m not 100% sure what it means, but that is always the second step.
First you place and order, then the order is processed.
When that is done the status is confirmed until the next step happens.

Anyway, there was (is?) a delay in orders. Many people who ordered very early are only receiving their phones now:

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This status means, that your payment has been received.
All the different status messages are explained here:

The status message “Rhenus prepare shipping” is missing on this list.

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What means the status “order confirmed”. I paid in august, not now.
During one month the status of my order was “Rhenus prepare shipping”.
Last week it was “processed” and now it is “order confirmed”.
Tell me the real sense of “order confirmed”.

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Well that’s a mistake in the system then. Order confirmed should be before prepare shipping. So probably the prepare shipping status was wrong.

Please be aware that this is a community forum, not the company. Fairphone staff might read along and engage occasionally, or not.
Most of us here are users like you. We can point to company statements and references and give our own reasoning, but we can’t speak for the company or access company data like orders or support requests.

Please contact the company to get your order status sorted out.
A support contact form for the Fairphone 3 can currently be found here (just choose Fairphone 3 as your model) …


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My guess would be an error as well.
For many people the status recently changed from “Rhenus prepare shipping” to “Preparing order”.
I guess that should have hapened in your case as well and it just by accident / program-error fell back.
Try contacting support to let them know of this mistake, so they can fix it.

The discussion https://forum.fairphone.com/t/fp3-my-order-just-got-delayed-by-one-month-from-mid-sept-to-mid-oct give the answer.