Order received... but only 1 out of 3 parts

Hello there,

I recently ordered a new battery (the actual worked fine… from 100% to 35%, then in a few seconds goes straight to 0%), a new screen (the actual is cracked) and the new camera (to update my phone and support the Project :slight_smile: ).
I quickly received the battery, but then (it’s been two weeks) still no Screen nor Camera.

Yet the order interface says :
Fairphone 2 Camera Bundle 8FP22CAMB01-01AB
Ordered: 1 Shipped: 1
Fairphone 2 Display Module 8FP21DISP01-01A
Ordered: 1 Shipped: 1

Is there any shortage on the camera bundle and/or screen ?
Why would there be separate package ?

I already contacted the support, but it apologized right away : “We are currently facing a longer reply time.” :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, whereas the shipping method is DHL, I can’t find any tracking number : where can I find it ?

Thanks in advance if anyone has an info on these troubles !

Salut !

Might be just a calibration issue. You could try the battery reset from the #batteryguide.

Doesn’t seem so if the order was shipped. Do you know since when the order status says “shipped”? If it won’t arrive just call support to clear things up. Make sure you have your order number ready.

This is a logistic issue that unfortunately happens with any webshop sometimes.


January 11th I ordered a display and (accidentally) two covers. They were shipped the day after they received payment and arrived yesterday in one (rather roomy :wink: ) parcel.
That makes it one smooth week.
Also: no display shortage.
Was your parcel in mint condition or might it have been damaged/opened?

I would give them a call; or did you already contact them that way?

Thank you for the battery tip.
Gonna give it a go.

The order says “shipped” at least since I checked after receiving only the battery.
So I’d say about two weeks.

Thank you for your reply.

The “only battery” parcel was in good conditiion, yes. It couldn’t have contain more than the battery.

I’ll try to contact them by phone, yup !

Thank you for you response :slight_smile:

The order seems to be fine.
The problem is… the DHL / DHL “Relay”.

The Relay had the two parcels, but only gave me one (out of no reason whatsoever except incompetence). They kept the other and gave it back to DHL after a couple of days (probably not having realised their mistake).

Then DHL sent it again, notifying me again.
When I came to the Relay a second time, they didn’t had it, or so they said.

When I contacted DHL, they first took a couple of days (and, for me : a couple of phone calls, ), blaming (justly) the Relay (and unjustly, because =>), but ultimately they found the parcel, at their stocks.

Bravo DHL.

They will (I hope) send it back to me this friday.
Fingers crossed.

Thank you for your support.

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Are you really talking about DHL or DHL Express?


Hi Paula,

I dunno, but I’ll guess DHL.

I’ve received notification from both DHL and DHL Express. But the factory
where I’ve been calling these past weekes responds to DHL.


Hey Steve.

Just wanted to let you know that i took an interest in this post.

I will do some checks with DHL on what happened here.
I would also suggest to you to make a complaint with them as it is not supposed to take this long.

Your parcel was split in 2 pieces due to the battery.
If you look at your tracking code you can see this mentionned, and it has two separate numbers that can serve as a trace. However this is not relayed to you in the messages you get.
This I will look into, and see if there is anything we can do from our end to avoid this happening in the future.

I hope it all worked out in the end.

Best regards,
Johnny @ support


Hey thank you Johnny for your feedback. And a-few-week-late interest.

But, first of all, the tracking code you speak so easily about isn’t that
easy to find in the order informations… I’ll triple check, but I’m quite
sure there are zero tracking number on your website. Maybe in the
mails/order confirmation ?
Yup, making them easier to read (or just accessible) might have helped me a

Second of all i’d appreciate you do nothing at all, please.
DHL is supposed to deliver the parcel this friday. And they just called me
because they got instructions to send the parcel back to sender (that is…
to you) !
I’m not accusing your services, but the coincidence with your sudden
interest seems a little bit too close to not imply causality…
So, please, again, dont’ do (or please stop doing) anything for now.
I’ll let you deal with these incompetent twats when the package is dully

For me they’ve apologized enough not to press any(more) complaints. And if
the apologies are not enough, i’m sure bored enough not to put anymore
energy in them).
But, yes, my bad, not enough to try their juggling services any time soon
(and yours if you keep them).

Again, please do not interfere as i’ve just managed to convince me to
deliver (i.e. do their job) the screen this friday :slight_smile:
After that, they’re yours to torment.


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Hey Steve.

Do not worry, we are not taking action with DHL unless it would be directly from a support request. Nor have we made them aware of anything yet.

My interest is mainly in the messages you’ve shared that you get from DHL, and in a general way I want to see if we need to change the way batteries are sent out unless DHL can inform customers better of the parcels being split in 2 parts.

If things go bad, then you must let us know on support, and we will deal with it. But for now I hope you managed to convince them :slight_smile:

Best regards,

Hi Johnny,

Thank you for your concern.
I did receive the screen yesterday. DHL have apologized, and I’m rethinking my way of contributing to the well being of the planet by not buying anything anymore online :wink:

The story doesn’t end that well though. The screen has been replaced, the phone has been rebooted, but now the display doesn’t work properly anymore.
Load of jumps, black screens, frozen pixels, the CPU seems overloaded. The phone even seems to disturb the electronics nearby.
I’m gonna open a new post, if I don’t see the solution after a research on the forum.


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