Order a fairphone with an alternative OS pre-installed?

Actually I am a bit puzzled about why there is not yet a working multi or at least dual boot solution to satisfy several user group expectations as many private users know and also have for their personal computers. Me too btw.
I think in FP2 is enough internal storage available and we also have a separate sd card slot too.
There are solutions out there for less open platforms, but as it looks no one up to now has tinkered to get this done on the open FP2 platform.


This sounds like a form of sandbox, emulation or virtualization. Until now I have never heard of something similar on any smartphone as I now such things from conventional computers. I know about and also use emulators for the Playstation and Amiga system. Which still is different than a full simultaneous virtualization of another OS. It would be nice to have but I think development is not yet far enough and Google is still in the way.

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There was a working solution for a while according to the EFIDroid topic you linked to, but then it stopped working, and now …


Hello !
According to the UBPorts team, a multiboot solution is not that easy to implement as it requires kernel patches and is difficult to maintain…
Cfr Community update 21 at minute 40’

For my FP2 usage, I switch time to time to others OSes with TWRP backups. It takes around 5 min for a backup of existing OS and a restore of the other OS :grinning:


Not the most convenient way, but would also do for me. :ok_hand:
I probably will get into this some time later.
I´m doing the same on my classical pc if I have to use some old software or different M$ OS version. It´s more resource saving (hd space) and easier to be maintained with Linux GRUB which is a lot more open, tolerant and flexible than any M$ OS out there if it comes to have a multi boot system.

That somehow confuses me. If I have two functional boot images. Android 6 and FPOOS. What has to be patched?
For my understanding it´s just a matter of which boot image is selected and booted (maybe decompressed first).
This seems to work quite different than on a classical computer using GRUB for multi booting.
The only thing I could think of here is that on a smartphone there is only one storage area available keeping everything, the compressed boot images and later the running system. So as there are no multible partitions other tricks (kernel patches) has to be performed to get all this working.

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Exactly. In a regular PC, you manage your disk partitions and MBR/BIOS boot whatever you want. In an embedded device, disk partitions are already set and they are fixed, plus the bootloader is something you cannot change.


Just to reassure you: I had overheating/battery drain issues on an alternative OS. During extensive troubleshooting with FP support they did ask me to reinstall the official FP OS, but just to confirm the battery issues would not go away. In the end I got a whole new FP2 under warranty.


Yes, I think there would be too many problems to deal with. A solution would be to order the phone via a Fairphone Angel who would change the OS. Many problems here too, but they would not involve Fairphone directly. This possibility would be advertised on the forum and possibly on Fairphone’s site: “if you need help getting started with your Fairphone or if you want to try an alternative OS, get in touch with a Fairphone Angel [link]”. Either in the shop (but I don’t think Fairphone would agree) or on a page presenting the different OSes (FPOS, FPOOS).
The buyer would get in touch with an Angel before buying the phone to check what to do and when. But he/she would have to wait before opening the phone (what a torture!!!). Another possibility would be to have the phone delivered to an Angel who would then give/send it to the buyer after the OS switch. I am not sure that I would like someone to play with my phone before me though and there could be security issues.

This is not a very good solution as people who don’t know about alternative OSes wouldn’t pay attention to this possibility as much as if the store let you choose between a Fairphone on FPOS, FPOOS, Lineage, Ubuntu or Sailfish… But anyway, it may be a thing to advertise more with the Fairphone Angel program.


I wonder if it would make any difference if some resellers/dealers would offer switching the FP2 “out of the box” to an alternative OS as an extra service? Would they run into the same problems as Fairphone themselves? If not, it would allow them to stand out – just like some online clothing shops offer free extras like a monogram on a polo shirt or custom length trousers.

Just thinking out loud here. :angel:


That depends on the skills and willingness of the angels. :wink:
I see a little problem with loading off some almost-commercial service to volunteers when Fairphone is in parts about avoiding abuse of the workforce. And if such a kind of service is advertised, people might get the impression they are entitled to it.


I will kindly assist users to learn how their device works and how to replace their OSes. But I won’t do the work for them. IMO, if you’re looking to get an alternative anything, you should take the opportunity to learn how it works.


I agree.

Also warranty issues for if something goes wrong and the phone turns out being troublesome who would like to take over warranty at last? Not only the user had his fingers on but initially an Angel. ATM all of this is in FP hands.

Also it´s a question of thrust. Staying permanently with the phone while it´s unboxed and reflashed with another OS should be more comfortable instead of coming by to pick up the finished handset not knowing what actually was done to it.

My words. I have helped different people in the past do get certain technical things done which actually weren´t rocket science but also not so comfortable nor interesting to get into.

So they got used to get back to me if something had to be redone or changed again which at some point turned out to become time consuming and not very entertaining for me.
Also I have met a lot of persons who kept the general view: “since you last have put your fingers on or done this action there´s something going wrong”.

That´s what you may get if people who you helped are not willing (capable) to get into and follow up with what is being done, but afterwards complain about something not going the way they were used from it to go. Or a new issue is being raised because of your actions (which maybe wasn´t even related to each other). There´s no motivation to help again.


Yup, I agree with @Ingo and @Roboe:

  • it shouldn’t be advertised as a service
  • people should learn to do it by themselves (or at least with someone)

The main thing is that Fairphone could point to the Angel Program, because a lot of buyers don’t come to the Forum until they have a problem.
–> for example, under www.fairphone.com/community/

@urs_lesse’s idea could work as a commercial service, but it is less in the spirit of the alternate Oses. And one should check if it’s legal.

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And I also agree with @Patrick1 ! Strong point!

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What is going through my mind since a while…repair café? Surely not known to all of us.
Maybe there is an option to collaborate like:
→ Meet the Fairphone Angels at our local repair café ←
They are coming up more and more.

And even then they are not directly confronted with the existence of the Angel Program but with the community at first, unless they take themselve more time for a read and investigation.
So this step (could be) put to first place after registering/login.

I don´t know how the phones are being packed and shipped these days. In 2016 I had a few nice (post) cards in the box. One of them these days could be made to point to the Angels program and this community.

We have our own wikis, but the official wiki does not know about our Angels,
let alone Google (and if so it´s about the Blue Angel certification):

I think there are some essential cross-links missing too.

Fairphone1/2->Community->Angels->Wiki->Google (or else)

Why not deliver fairphones with FPOpen instead of Android?
Or at least give buyers that option.

Pre-installed with F-Droid perhaps. All in the good spirit of promoting FPOpen.

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Hi Tim, I moved your question here as I think we discussed some of the challenges with pre-installing different OSes here.


Also FPOpen is still Android. :wink:

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Well, I’d say it’s mostly Android-compatible. It depends on how picky you describe Android. Is it just an OS? Or is it a platform and ecosystem actively promoting the inclusion of proprietary libraries that communicate with Gobble services integrated with the OS? If you look at the Android website or any version changelog, you’ll see the later. If you look at developer docs, you’ll see the later. If you look at the app ecosystem… well, you know the answer already, :wink:

Furthermore, Android is a registered trademark that cannot be used for products or whatever that doesn’t include Gobble services and pass the GTS. The issue here is we don’t have a name to refer to the other kind of systems. We could say they are AOSP or AOSP-based, but Android is AOSP-based too. :man_shrugging:

TL;DR: FP Open/Sibon is strictly not Android, and it’s fine it has its own name.

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