Order a fairphone with an alternative OS pre-installed?

And I also agree with @Patrick1 ! Strong point!

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What is going through my mind since a while…repair café? Surely not known to all of us.
Maybe there is an option to collaborate like:
→ Meet the Fairphone Angels at our local repair café ←
They are coming up more and more.

And even then they are not directly confronted with the existence of the Angel Program but with the community at first, unless they take themselve more time for a read and investigation.
So this step (could be) put to first place after registering/login.

I don´t know how the phones are being packed and shipped these days. In 2016 I had a few nice (post) cards in the box. One of them these days could be made to point to the Angels program and this community.

We have our own wikis, but the official wiki does not know about our Angels,
let alone Google (and if so it´s about the Blue Angel certification):

I think there are some essential cross-links missing too.

Fairphone1/2->Community->Angels->Wiki->Google (or else)

Why not deliver fairphones with FPOpen instead of Android?
Or at least give buyers that option.

Pre-installed with F-Droid perhaps. All in the good spirit of promoting FPOpen.

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Hi Tim, I moved your question here as I think we discussed some of the challenges with pre-installing different OSes here.


Also FPOpen is still Android. :wink:

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Well, I’d say it’s mostly Android-compatible. It depends on how picky you describe Android. Is it just an OS? Or is it a platform and ecosystem actively promoting the inclusion of proprietary libraries that communicate with Gobble services integrated with the OS? If you look at the Android website or any version changelog, you’ll see the later. If you look at developer docs, you’ll see the later. If you look at the app ecosystem… well, you know the answer already, :wink:

Furthermore, Android is a registered trademark that cannot be used for products or whatever that doesn’t include Gobble services and pass the GTS. The issue here is we don’t have a name to refer to the other kind of systems. We could say they are AOSP or AOSP-based, but Android is AOSP-based too. :man_shrugging:

TL;DR: FP Open/Sibon is strictly not Android, and it’s fine it has its own name.

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