Orange app discussion

Hi! I want to express my loathing against the orange app that I just found out was automatically installed in my FP2. I got what I found out to be a scam sms from what looked like swedish postal services. Before I realized the scam, I clicked on a link on the scam site for Postnord. Now worried they might have installed a spyware and got my codes, I reset the phone, to get rid of malware. Also new bank_ id. The phone automatically reset also apps from a backupcopy. Uhh, that might include an malware app, I thought, and went through all apps. The only one that looked really suspicious was the orange app. I could not uninstall it, only disable it. I actually had an unknown withdrawal from my bankaccount, to something called QDISTRIB in Holland. A small amount, but. Now I have read your articles about orange app. Still, my questions are, can Faiphone guarantee that the orange app does not open pos


sibilities for con hackers to invade my phone? And, could you please make it possible to erase orange app?

Fairphones Android 7 build also includes another app that I found a bit odd: NXP’s MusicFX. It stands out for several reasons. Firstly, it’s an outdated version (1.4). Secondly, because NXP themselves have discontinued this app long ago.

I have disabled both MusicFX and Apps Orange in the app settings a while ago and have not seen any adverse effects on the functioning of my phone. But… why are these apps embedded in the Android 7 build in the first place?

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