Orange App Center installs me constantly, up to 10 Apps

Hello, I have Fairphone 5.
The Orange “App Center” application constantly installs up to 10 Apps: (Glovo, TikTok…) and I uninstall them -constantly-

Please, does anyone know how I can uninstall App Center? It only allows it to be disabled, but even if you disable it, these Apps always end up appearing.

thank you and greetings

You could try to apply this here … package name for App Center is, package name for Manual Selector is according to the internet and that here, and don’t mind the /e/OS forum, this is the generic Android way to uninstall default Apps …

Furthermore I would suggest contacting Fairphone support to tell them what exactly you think of this kind of behaviour …

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I guess without root you will not get rid of this


Hmmm … perhaps getting rid of it until the next reboot would be better than nothing for now, depending on how often a reboot happens.


I rather suspect that FP don’t have much choice in the matter, if they want to get FPs into Orange shops and Orange “provider plans”.

thank you very much to all.
I’m going to try everything!
all the best

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