Options to buy a Fairphone 2 from reseller

Buy from vireo.de. Immediate shipping…

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Thanks for the hint.
50 days delivery time respectively Q2/2017

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Seems like there still is some stock in Switzerland:

Two weeks on this other website (not sure it’s true though…).

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I was lucky to get one of the last Fairphones from mobiel.nl, but here are alternative Dutch websites, which still have the FP2 in stock and ship it within a few days:

• KPN (only with contract)
• Telfort (only with contract)
• Belsimpel (only slim covers, also without contract)

In Germany, mobile provider 1&1 also says that they can ship the FP2 immediately (only with contract).

Like I mentioned here for people in Germany (or close by :slight_smile: ) …

  • Fairphone 2 at mobilcom debitel
  • Choose colour by clicking on the black or white (for transparent) field
  • Choose branch store (“Filiale auswählen”)
  • At the Germany map give a city name and “Bis 100 Kilometer entfernt” (max. 100 km distance to the given place) and then systematically look for the very few branch stores still having the Fairphone 2 in stock (green tick instead of grey cross with the respective marker, don’t forget to zoom in when several markers overlap :wink: )
  • Reserve the phone at the respective branch store
  • Get it from there within 2 business days (they don’t ship from the branch stores)

(Edit: For a nice puzzle - get across the Germany map covering all the area with as few given cities with 100 km search radius as possible :wink: )

Do you need to get a contract or can you get the FP2 without a contract at Mobilcom Debitel?

“ohne Vertrag” = without contract = 523,33 EUR currently
“mit Vertrag ab 384,99 €” = with contract starting from 384,99 EUR currently

(I got mine without a contract from them.)

Edit 2017-03-18: mobilcom debitel apparently has the black Fairphone 2 in stock again for online purchase (“Sofort lieferbar” = shipping immediately).

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Let’s collect everything here: