Options after data loss

Hello, my FP3 got full so I added an sdcard in it then allowed the system to format it as internal storage then allowed it to move everything to sdcard. I have a work profile, which was inactivated during the format of the card and move of data. The apps are intact but I lost all the photos and videos I created in this year. Seemingly the move to SDcard was assumed as successful and deleted from the internal storage even if the transfer failed. I removed the sdcard and with dd created a copy from it then used scraper apps (foremost) to get data without success. I read that the internal storage is encrypted so getting the key from /data and also the dd dump of the internal memory of the data could help maybe. With a locked boot loader I don’t know how to create a dd dump from the data area. Unlocking the boot loader generates new encryption key so that is not an option for me.

Please feel free to share any technical comments.

Seeing you talk about the encryption key and dd… I assume you are well aware of Google’s Android built-in backups which also backs up photos and so. I suppose you purposefully disabled it and thus can’t use that to recover from?

Wow, thanks for the prompt response.
I did not use Google’s backup service.

Seemingly this is a glitch of the sdcard internal storage and data move

I created a backup with adb backup then formatted the sdcard as external then restored the backup with adb restore:

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Glad it worked for you.
Others might keep in mind that ADB backup is deprecated and restore doesn’t work reliably for everybody (seen this myself, but it’s all over the internet, too).

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