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Hello all,
I am using an FP3. In the last months I have noticed that the phone is slower to react, esp when i have a few apps running (not the case in the past). e.g. when I receive a phonecall I can see a screen only after 2-3 rings. How do I improve performance? Would restore factory settings do the job?

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Hello and welcome,
sometimes it helps to just free up some storage by deleting not needed files, pictures etc. But sure doing a factory reset from time to time helps a lot (still no guarantee) to speed up the device its just some work to back-up before and set-up afterwards.


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Be aware that a factory reset will wipe all the data.

I would suggest you use an SD card, formatted as Portable, where you can keep a lot of personal data and files, unless you backup everything to the cloud regularly.

You also have the option of starting in safe mode which will only disable any apps you have installed, which may show what has slowed down the phone.

Another useful action is to see how much RAM memory is being used.

To have more say over use of apps etc. you can use developer mode, which you can be directed to later :slight_smile: if you like, where you can disable background running of tasks.

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