Openness of Fairphone as a company since the FP3 stage?

Coming from FP2 myself, trying to make up my mind about Fairphone as a whole, company, and observing the situation since the FP3 launch.

I really did like the openness of the FP2 here on our communiy forum areas, for example the rather clear communication style about new OS releases, release notes, change logs, etc and so on.

Since FP went down the FP3 road, communication skills, transparency and openness, at least I dont really find them here on the community forum, are seriously lacking and deteriorating.

Why do people need to discover FP3 OS updates, updates small or large and such things here on the forums themselves, and why is there seemingly a strong silence coming from the official FP people, especially such essential information such as announcements of new OS releases, patches, hotfix etc?

FP since FP3 doesnt give me a good feeling any more, at all. Im kinda frustrated, and its not getting better. :frowning:


This is indeed becoming increasingly frustrating and concerning.

I just wrote a loooong support request about this (they don’t seem to read a lot of these threads by themselves) and will post the answer here as soon as I get one.


I was also surprised, that there was nothing for my new FP3, yet! Owning a pre-rooted & google free FP1, seeing the openness of the FP2, i was sure it’ll be the same…

I guess they might be very busy with the vodafone deal or whatever… at least that’s what i hope. I’ve sent a support request, too. some days ago i got a mail to rate my supporter. funny thing is, i never got any answer from them in the first place!.. I just want them to comply to the GPL…

And that makes me really sad. How can you make a fair-phone, without being fair to your customers? My FP1 shipped with a nice postcard, it says: “You don’t own it, if you can’t open it!” and i can’t open the software of my FP3! Damn ppl. would even do the work for you guys by creating custom roms, recoveries, … I know they’ll release it at some point, but i just don’t want to wait anymore, to make real use of my new phone. Especially if it should be as easy as “git push”… /rant


As promised.

Dear Linus,

I’m Sean from the Support-Team. I will be your Case-Manager.
Thank you for supporting Fairphone.

Thank you for your long and detailed message.
I’m sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with the community forum.

I forwarded your feedback to the responsible department.

Thank you for understanding.

Have a nice day!

Best regards,

There seemed to be a misunderstanding, I did not complain about the (this) community forum but “Lack of transparency and communication with the community”. So I wrote a short answer - response:

Dear Linus,

Thank you for your message.

I sent your questions and feedback to the responsible department.

They are aware of all the issues you described in your message.
And hopefully, in the upcoming days, there will be some news on them.

I do hope that as well. I really do.

Of course, they will also be communicated with the forum.

“Of course”? Not sure where that’s coming from.

Thanks again for your feedback.

Have a nice evening!

Best regards,

Not a single answer my questions. They are super nice though.

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