Opening new tab

Just got a Fairphone 3 but I can’t seem to open additional tabs on internet when using the Google app.

Furthermore I can’t find the forward arrow to jump forward to a page Is visited previously.

Any ideas Anyone?

Thanks in advance.


If you mean the Chrome browser, there’s a number in a rounded square icon to the right of the URL address space. If you tap on it, it slightly shrinks the browser window and you can add a tab with the + icon on the top left.

The forward arrow only seems to be available when you tap on the three dots at the top right first.

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Thank you for the warm welcome and your advice. :slight_smile: It doesn’t seem to work however. Here’s a screenshot. If I tap on the adress bar, nothing happens.


Yeah, you are using the Google app which is not really an internet browser, just a quick search tool. Additional tabs don’t seem to be part of its functionality (forward/backward seems to work as I described though). The pre-installed Chrome app is the default internet browser. You can install other browser apps as well, maybe they offer the tab and forward/back function more easily at first sight.

If you haven’t found out yet, you find the whole set of pre-installed apps when you swipe from the bottom end of the display (when you are at the start screen).


Problem solved. Thanks a brunch! :smile:


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