Open OS 16.06 made my Fairphone unusable

Hello everyone,

the Update to Open OS 16.06 has made my Fairphone 2 unusable. The update is trapped on the “Just a sec…” screen that runs infinitely. For better understanding, I will put this as a chart:

“Just a sec…”-Screen - -NEXT–> “Choose WLAN”-Screen (WLAN connected) --NEXT–> “Just a sec…”-Screen ----> Loop
"Just a sec…"-Screen --NEXT–> “Choose WLAN”-Screen (no WLAN) --SKIP–> SKIP ANYWAY --> “Choose WLAN”-Screen —> Loop

As you can see, I can do nothing, I always come back to the “Just a sec…”-Screen. Its very frustrating as I can not open any app (however tapping on notifications starts the app). Is there any way to skip the Update without loosing my user data via reset?

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