Open Letter regarding FP1 Frustration Posts

Dear Community,

following a Fairphone newsletter about your possibilities at the end of FP1’s life cycle there have been some complaints on the forum lately. (Here is a link to Fairphone’s online article “Making the most of your Fairphone 1”.)

We are writing this to make it clear that nobody here on this forum is able to solve the spare parts problem or provide the long awaited upgrade to Android Kitkat. What the community (we and everyone else) can do is to help those that really want to hold on to their FP1s, despite of the difficulties. The frustrated posts by some community members are causing frustration of many others. That is why we will hide posts that do not provide a constructive contribution to the discussions about the future of the FP1.

We welcome and try to support constructive debate as best as we can and therefore we’d also like to remind everybody of the forum guidelines. The sections about not diverting topics and using likes rather than “me-too” posts are especially important in this regard.

Best, the @moderators

What you can do