Open images directly from camera app

Hi, I have a little issue when I try to open already stored image files (as well as a photo just taken) directly from FP3 camera appli.
When I tap on the picture pictogram at bottom left of camera app interface, it is supposed to display an image, I guess the most recent one (or maybe open the image storage directory…). On that aim the app opens DocsViever (an app I have downloaded to visualize files such as pdf etc), and then DocsViewer reports an error since it cannot load document.
To avoid that I would like to configure camera app to associate it with another image reader app that works well, but I didn’t find how to do that in the app or phone settings. Could you please help me to find it in camera app (which is the default one installed in FP3) ?
For information, when I open the image file directly from file browser the image is correctly displayed.


Hi Mat,
Sounds like the DocsViewer has become the default gallery (photo viewing) app by mistake.
You can undo this by going to

Settings > Apps and notifications > See all apps > DocsViewer > Advanced > Open by default > Clear defaults

Then, open Camera and tap the picture picto, it should ask you to choose a gallery app (such as Photos).

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