Open Camera App

I read that the app “Open Camera” can improve the quality of photos. I haven’t used it so far and wanted to ask you what settings you suggest to use with the FP2 with the new Camera Module?

Answer: Open Camera :slight_smile:!
There is at least a small glitch in the stock camera app, the flash is out of sync (at least with LineageOS).

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I meant what settings do you use? Quality 90% or a 100%, ratio 4:3 or a different one, …

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I’m using 90% for image quality and 16/9 ratio (9.44MP).

Quite happy with those and didn’t change them since a few months.

I’m sure you’re gonna like Open Camera, it’s a very good app.

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Thanks a lot. Any other recomendations how to use it to get good pictures?

I’d also appreciate some tips!

I know nothing about how to get good pictures, consequently mine tend to be pretty crap. Using the default camera app…

What I really like about OpenCamera is the possibility to adjust the exposure (+/-) like on a “real” camera. this allows me to get the lighting I want on my pictures.
But although it’s not a DSLR! It’s e.g. almost impossible to get a goot picture in backlight conditions.

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