Only received invoice for FP4 order, no booking confirmation

Hi, I’ve just ordered my FP4 from the online store, but did not create an account beforehand, just inputting my email. I set the order to “bank transfer” mode and set it. I then did not receive an “order placed” email, only an invoice from “adyen” (their payment partner). The IBAN seemed strange (could not identify the country, etc) and it was strange not to have received any other communication. Is there anything I can do?

Sorry if this is not intended purpose of this forum…

Maybe someone of this forum can give advice from own experience.
If not I’d rather recommend to #contactsupport .

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Hi and welcome to the forum and yes it is fine to post such a query, but as Volker said as this is only a user forum, you may not get a clear answer.

You say ‘just’ when was that ? It may take a day or two for Fairphone to confirm once they have heard from ‘ayden’

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I placed the order this morning, so it makes complete sense that not everything has arrived yet email-wise. My main question was whether it is normal that we didn’t get an “order placed” email before the invoice? or does that only get sent out after adyen confirms that payment has gone through?
It just seems a little off to just be receiving this one communication that isn’t even directly labelled as fairphone…

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Just checked my emails. UK times

I subscribed to Fairphone’s site 11pm 8th Oct and placed an order, I received confirmation from ‘ayden’ promptly but it took until 6:40am 10th Oct for an email from Fairphone :slight_smile:

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Ok, thanks for this. It seems that this is normal for fairphone then? (I know one other case doesnt mean much, but at least it has happened before and the order has still gone through)

Would you be ok with telling me/describing the IBAN number they shared with you in that initial adyen email? It seemed strange to us when we looked at ours, so it’d be good to have confirmation from someone doing it very similarly to us (in the UK by bank transfer)

IBAN GB33DEUT40508-then-some
but it may have changed since Oct 2020 :slight_smile:

Didnt you say Feb 2022 just now?

Thanks for the IBAN though, it matches with what we got :+1:

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I did say February :blush: but didn’t mention the year. Have amended my previous post. Thanks for pointing that out

OH! That was an FP3 :slight_smile:

Thanks for the clarification!

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