Only one Earbud connects, sometimes the left, sometimes the right

Hi, I got the earbuds with my FP4 and they worked great in the beginning. But since a couple of days back, only one of them is getting connected with the phone. And sometimes it is the left one, sometimes the right. In some cases after some minutes, the other one connects to, or I get the “power off” message.

I cleaned the buds, uncoupled them from my phone like a million times, restartet my phone… nothing seems to help.

Anybody got any Idea what I cloud do?

Cheers from Cologne

I have the same issue. Also tried on different phones. It looks like thee both are a seperatr Bluetooth connection and dont want to be friends anymore :frowning:

Have you been able to fix this?

Greetings from the Hague

Kind of. It MOSTLY (!) works when the music is already running when I take the buds out of the case. Still pretty upset about it.

Hope this helps maybe a little.

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