Only half a screen responsive after unlocking

So after the most recent upgrade to Android 13, I’ve noticed a consistent issue with the screen.
If I am playing a game in landscape mode (happens with Arknights and Azur Lane), and my screen turns off after a bit of inactivity, after unlocking the screen using a fingerprint, only half of it works. I can still tap on the responsive side, and drag my finger over to the unresponsive side, and the dragging on that side gets recognized, but tapping there does nothing. This can be fixed by going to the home screen and back to game or locking the phone and unlocking it by entering the passcode instead of using a fingerprint.

Before the update, none of this happened. Worked just fine. And yes, its a very minor issue that I can easily get around, but of course one would expect a phone to work properly without bugs.

Has anyone else had this happen? Any fixes for this? Seems like there is some step in the activation step that wrongly initializes the screen after unlocking if the phone unlocks directly to landscape mode, or something like that, I dont know jack about coding.

Just as there’s currently a problem with the “auto rotate” feature it might be related. Do you have this feature enabled? If yes, could you try if the problem persist in case you turn that off?

I did have auto rotate on.
After turning it off, and trying to get back into one of these games with just the fingerprint, initially nothing seemed to change, so I rebooted.
After that, the first unlock just gave me a black screen, and the phone went unresponsive. I had to boot again.
The next few unlocks then gave me just a black screen, but I could still lock and unlock the phone by pressing the button and entering the code.
After changing the setting back and forth few times, now it seemingly doesnt matter if the Autorotate is on or off, the problem persists, but at least the phone unlocks without issues. So no, wasn’t the autorotate.

Edit: This seems to be more complicated than I initially thought:
So if im in one of these games that play in a landscape mode and lock the screen, then unlock by holding my phone upright in portrait mode, SOMETIMES the whole screen is active. But always, if the phone is held in the landscape mode, then only half of the screen is active. This is with Autorotate off.
With autorotate on, its more finnicky, but you still can get the whole screen active after you unlock the phone with a fingerprint, if the phone is in portrait mode, it just seems to be harder to get the phone to recognize what position it is in.

Not good. Thanks anyway for your thorough testing.