Only Dutch dictionary does not work

Hi all,

My Dutch dictionary does not work. It is funny, English, French and Spanish work. And I can switch between them on Whatsapp and on messaging. But even though I set my phone in Dutch as original language (before English) and Dutch appears amongst my dictionary options, it just does not want to suggest/correct Dutch words.

And since I found out that a friend of mine can, and we have the same settings, I wonder what this might be?
Anyone any ideas? Would be much appreciated!


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I have the same issue and would really like to find out what is going on. English and German work fine, only Dutch not.


Same here, as can be seen in the other thread…
I did manage to compile a working AnysoftKeyboard Dutch APK. I can upload it somewhere. I don’t have signing keys, so there’s no way to know for you if you can me or the download…
Still, a working dictionary in AOSP would be nice.

Do you use FP Open or Fairphone OS with Google?

With google. Just as my friend, where the dictionary does work…

Is there an entry for Google Keyboard in “Settings > Apps > All Apps”? If yes, click it, and then click “Clear Cache”.

Same here. No dutch dictionary active in Signal and K-9, even if it is selected as dictionary in the keyboard. Google keyboard not available as an app. Cleared cache for google apps per se as well as Signal and K-9 does not help.

I use FP open, would like to know if I could get a Dutch dictionary in the AOSP keyboard.

Could someone answer this query?

Beta testing for Android 6 for the Fairphone 2 is ongoing. Maybe it works there. Please be patient for some more time, they are working on it.


On my FP2 I am unable to select the Dutch (Nederlands) dictionary for AOSP, simply because it is not in the list of selectable dictionaries. I’ve seen people have this problem before in FP2, and it was somewhat resolved by using Google keyboard. Because I’m Open OS, I obviously don’t have that option.

Has anyone else encountered this problem/ know how to solve this?

Thanks in advance,

I would also like a solution for that, maar helaas …

See also (maybe someone should merge these) :nl: Nederlandse spellingscontrole and Only Dutch dictionary does not work - maybe it will come with the update to Android6:

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Hi all,

I had started a while ago a thread about Dutch spelling control. The advice was too wait for software updates. Unfortunately, this still doesn’t work.

Are there any updates on this?


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I have the same problem!
If have a FP2 with the latest OS updates installed (Android 6.0.1 / Fairphone OS 17.11.2) but Dutch is not one of the languages that I can select in the dictionary list (Language & input -> Android Keyboard (AOSP) -> Text correction -> Add-on dictionaries). This makes it very tiresome to use and it’s giving me RSI! :frowning:

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