Online radio streaming -- bad performance generally

Do other users experience bad performance regarding online radio streaming? Have not tested on droid devises other that my Fairphone. Do you recognise this as an universal challenge in Android-world?

I’ve unsucessfully tested the following pages on several browsers: (perhaps this one is flashbased alltogether, but I can’t tell)

Droid browsers:
(1) Chrome
(2) Opera
(3) Firefox and
(4) the “native” Fairphone browser app

Only the latter seems to work here, but only somehow fairly (for using the word) and lagging alot.

On the other hand Danish National Broadcast works OK on the majority of aforementioned browsers:

Q1: Can others offer me their experiences – in case Ill be very thankful. Perhaps an alternative browser to recommend …
Q2: Also which specs or framework to use if one is a broadcaster?

Kind regards, Mikael

I’ve only tried streaming through apps like Spotify, YouTube or Netflix, and those work properly even when on a 3G connection. Don’t think I’ve ever tried streaming through my browser. You might try installing the Google Chrome browser. It’s generally a safer bet to not use the default Android browser because other browsers are continually updated. The default browser doesn’t receive any new updates. In fact, in newer versions of Android, the Android browser is gone and replaced by Google Chrome.

Another alternative browser is Firefox which should be pretty good too.

Firefox for Android doesn’t have flash support natively…

After downloading the final release for Android 4.x here (, you need to restart the phone.

Just FYI because I wondered how to get Flash running in Firefox :wink:

I’m very glad for your both your answers. I’ve just purchased my Fairphone and just need to get an idea of the possibilities and limitations. I know that flash is no-go when designing to mobile, but also there seems to be limitations in HTML5 (canvas-element) and compatibility matters as my test indicates.

A question though, excuse my appearent noobishness: Do you have any indications of integrity – meaning that Chrome (or Firefox) shows the same – whether displayed on different droid-devices ie. Samsung, HTC, Sony – and FP1 and 2?

Can one expect that the Android base makes the devices works identical on identical apps?

Kind regards,

The Dolphin browser supports Flash. With Dolphin and Flash 11.1 (mentioned by @Stefan) I can listen at Takes some time (30 secs or so) before the sound starts, but then it runs OK.
I guess that the SR Play app is more convenient, though.

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Chrome on one phone should render webpages the same way on any other phone. There can be difference between how different browsers render web pages, even on the same phone.

I can confirm that. Wgen a web page doesn’t work for me on Firefox, I usually switch to the default Android browser and there it works. I don’t like it this way because of the security issues which have been discussed, but sometimes it’s the only way to view web content on the FP.

Thanks, @Stefan, @Jerry and @kgha. I appreciate your feedback :slight_smile: very much.

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