Onenote Android Sharing

Hi all,

i know this could possibly not be Fairphone specific, but since i exhausted every fix google could find me, i’m trying my luck in this forum:
whenever i share something with the OneNote App, i get the error message

“Download nicht möglich. Überprüfen Sie Ihre Internetverbindung und versuchen Sie es noch mal” (engl: No Download, please check your internet connection and try again).
The thing is: I am connected, internet works, Onenote synchronisation works and i have the permissions to add files to one note. Everything is the same as my other phone and there it works.

Do you guys have any other ideas? maybe something to do with permissions for the onenote clipper oder shareing men, are they separate from the main app?

Is your other phone also a FP5 running the same OS version? (Which version btw ?)

This certainly looks software related I’d say, but could be a very minor factor.

Good morning,
No, the other phone is a Google Pixel with Android 12. But I haven’t read about any problems specific to Android 13. Just updated my FP this morning, so the newest version has the same bug…

Did you see this thread ?

Am I missing sth? This thread is about a sync issue, which I don’t have. Sync works fine, creating notebooks etc too. The only issue is with Android sharing, probably the android equivalent to the windows web clipper.