One-handed mode not working as expected on FP4.SP25.B.058

So I just installed the most recent update, FP4.SP25.B.058, an noticed that one-handed made has been enabled, thanks fairphone for listening to your users and enabling it, however after enabling it in the accessible menu I noticed that when you active one-handed mode by swiping down from the bottom while on the home screen, it hides the bottom app I have on the home screen drawer so I can’t access any of them. the same happens in any messaging app, it hides the text field so I can’t type any message while in one-handed mode. I don’t have another Android phone running 12 or above to check but I don’t think that is the intended behavior.

Has anyone else notice this?

Could you post a screenshot of your problem?

My only experience with the one handed mode is with the FP4 which means I probably don’t know how it is expected to work (in case the FP4 implementation is faulty) but I don’t understand your description of the issue.

When I swipe down for one handed mode I can only see the top 3 rows of app icons, all the lower ones are off the screen (for those one wouldn’t need one handed mode I guess).
Then, wenn I start one of the apps from the top 3 rows, the phone goes back into “full screen” mode which I find rather intuitive.

As I said, maybe I don’t know how it’s supposed to work but to me it seems it’s not meant to be operated in one handed mode the whole time, just to temporarily move “something” into reach. At least that’s my guess.

Hello. I think that’s the intended behavior. See Use one-handed mode - Android Accessibility Help

When one-handed mode is on, you can use one hand to pull down the top half of your screen and easily reach notifications, app content, and more.

From what I understand, it is not meant to constantly use just the bottom part of the screen. It should only be activated when you can’t reach something at the top and then switched back to the full screen once you are done.

I can confirm, one-handed mode on CalyxOS (Android 13) works the same way, cut off apps and all, this seems to be how it’s supposed to work.

I could have sworn there is a mode that shrinks down the whole screen (black border on the top, left/right), but apparently that’s a Samsung feature, huh :man_shrugging:

The one-handed mode in its current form isn’t very useful IMO, especially since triggering it can be a bit hit or miss, but the option to use it to quickly open notifications / quicksettings is really nice :slightly_smiling_face:


I highly recommend this app to achieve a usable one handed operation:

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