One-handed mode is missing in Android 12

I know this has already been mentioned over numerous topics (and I won’t even bother linking them this time), but I think that for the sake of systematicity it’s best to make one coherent topic focused on the issue. For some reason one-handed mode is missing in Android 12 on FP4. The toggle should be in Settings → System → Gestures, but it’s simply not there. And no, this is definitely not a Pixel-specific feature:

This was one of the most anticipated features of Android 12 that FP4 users actually wanted. It’s really disappointing that it’s missing.


So I just noticed that the one hand mode gesture that is part of android 12 is missing on the FP4 A12 update. Is there any plans to add that on a future update? That gesture is one of the features I was looking forward to the most so it would be great if it gets added at some point

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This issue was solved by Software update: FP4.SP25.B.058.20230318


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