On or off? it is a guess

Am I the only one? With the reverse color night setting I never know what’s on or off in the system menu. There is no visible clue if light gray black or dark gray on white or VV is on or off. Why not use only two different colors ? Black on black is off white on black is on, white on white is off black on white is on.

Who does UI design @Fp?

To the right is on. What launcher do you use?

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Google, since they use stock android.


Actually it’s not white but it’s light turquoise, not very distinguishable, I must admit.
So when it’s in light turquoise, it’s on. Be it in white or in dark mode

How do I add an image.?


On mobile it’s in the bottom right corner of the post editing interface.


OK I’d say the turquoise is obvious :slight_smile: The screen brightness slider is turquoise and on min, and the icons that are turquoise are the ones that are on.

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