On boarding my new FP2?

Hello all, I’ve a new FP2 for a week now and it’s still in its box, (nice box). I’m currently using a OnePlus One phone and have been since 2014. I’m on my third screen and the power button broke so I had to drill a hole in the back and solder wires to the power switch so that I can turn it on and off. I’ve always said that when it came to replacing it I’d get a FairPhone. The phone is still supported by LineageOS so have a daily update, I probably only upgrade once a week which is on Android version 8.

So a few weeks ago the OnePlus started having issues with wifi and I bit the bullet and ordered a FP2. Guess the new phone has a power button that doens’t work and has issues with wifi. So I’ve spent money on a new phone which is just as bad as my 4 year old phone.

I’m not too bothered about those issues but what is bothering me is that I can’t transfer my old phone’s data to the new FP2. I asked the question of “support” as the forum was down last weekend with a 501 error. They just pointed me to the web page which I’d already failed on. I was going to do a YouTube video on the process and I still might.

So there are two methods of doing this. One is to restore a google backup over the wifi, but wifi don’t work so that method is out. Secondly you can do a direct phone to phone transfer via bluetooth but that method doesn’t work either. FP2 just sits there like a brick with a screen.

So for the foreseeable future I’ll be rocking a four year old phone which just about more functional then a 400yoyo new phone.

Is there any way that I can onboard this phone and get my data across? Can I boot it and then move straight to LineageOS for the FP2 and get a phone? Should I just do a YouTube video and put the phone, in its box, on a shelf to collect dust.

Thanks for any help

15.1 is weekly again …

The power button works.

Perhaps you are referring to the bug with the phone rebooting instead of shutting down? This had a simple workaround (activate the flashlight before shutting down), and is fixed in the current Fairphone OS and Fairphone Open OS 19.02.1.
The fix has yet to be implemented in LineageOS, but … simple workaround.

Or the bug with the phone not powering up while charging? This was fixed, too, and the fix can be applied to a LineageOS installation already.

Or the one with the power button tending to get stuck, which you could easily repair yourself by swapping it with the camera button … or get the cover replaced for free by Fairphone? That was ages ago.

And WiFi trouble? In general, WiFi works.
Sure, some users have WiFi trouble, and this forum is where they report it and perhaps get any help.
But before you even tried your phone, don’t jinx it :wink: .

Oh, please do, under all circumstances :smiley: .

Depends on what exactly “onboard” is supposed to mean and what scope of data you want to copy.

Often mentioned here in the forum are Titanium Backup and MyPhoneExplorer (Windows only if you want to connect via Bluetooth or USB).

How to install LineageOS on the Fairphone 2 is here …



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