OMG! I can't use my Fairphone 2! :O

Hi guys! I have a problem, yesterday (finally!) my new phone arrived and I wasn’t able to wait to start using it: awesome!
BUT my problem is this: how can i use my memory card? I mean, I have app, immagine and music there and I can’t find them on the phone! Before, I used to use an Alcatel very “basic” but very easy to use and I have a “TASK MANAGER” option on my menu, plus GALLLERY (folder with photos and immagines) and MUSIC (with music files, of course). Where are them??? :frowning:

I had the same problem. I was in shock. Then I shut down my phone, opened it, took out my memory card and put the memory card back in. Works fine now.


Thak you!!! I try right now! :smile:

Press the square at the bottom. There are all your open app windows.

If you want to see all open processes, you may go to Preferences - Apps - Active.

And the pre-installed file Explorer is called “Amaze”.


Not working yet… :"(((( Maybe the size of my memory card is wrong? It is a Micro SD

Let’s try the following:

  1. Copy all SD card contents onto your computer. Important
  2. Insert the SD card into your FP2 again.
  3. Go to Preferences - Memory and select there “Delete all SD card contents”
  4. The SD card should appear now.
  5. Connect the FP2 with an USB cable to your computer.
  6. Select “mount SD card” in the popup in the FP2.
  7. Copy the contents onto the SD card again.

Ok guys, yesterday evening I got an idea and i fixed the problem! It was just that my phone didn’t have a program to open photos and music, so, I went on google drive, downloaded the app for listening music and an app “gallery” and now my phone is perfect!!! :smiley: It can’t be easier then that! Thank you all of you for your help!!! :smiley: