Ok google not working when screen is off


Mine, my wife’s (FP3+) and my brother in law (FP4) have the same problem : google assistant isnt waking up when we call it when the screen is off. We have all checked for the option to activated ga even when the phone is locked.

I have no clue what to do. I’m used to use vocal assistant A LOT and i’m terribly frustrated that it is not working anymore since I switched from Apple. As i’m a contractor allways having my hands full I miss this option a lot.

Made research about it but didn’t found anything special except something about microphone and speaker. My micro and speaker works fine when i have calls. But the speaker and micrphone are working poorly and are unusable when i choose to activate the speaker to have my hands free while i get a call. I read it might be part of the problem but I didn’t see the solution.

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Hi and welcome, did you check the settings through the Google App, to see if you need to enable permission for the Assitant to work on the lock screen?

Yes I did and I wrote it in the opening message. And to be 110% sure I rechecked it and it’s still on.

I just checked how this looks like on other phones and found this video:

I compared this to my FP5 (where I have as much surveillance turned off as possible) since it seems to be a common pattern for FP devices. In the video, the screen where it reads ‘Access your Assistant any time you say “Hey Google”, even if your screen is off or you’re using your favorite apps’ looks different on my phone. There it reads (translated from German): ‘With activated screen say “Hey Google” to access your Assistant any time’. So there seems to be a limitation on some devices, indeed. And by saying “some devices” I mean it’s not only Fairphone. I found this article, maybe that brings you any further: SOLVED! - OK Google While Screen is Off — Tricks to Get the Most Out of It

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Ok for me nothing worked and it had never ever worked once.

To come with this problem I bought a smartwatch so I can still use Google assistant With my watch and guess what ? It doesn’t Work neither.

I will sell my fair phone. This is too much for me and I’m sure Google assistant doesn’t work on any fair phone as it’s not only for me but for every people I know that has the same problem.

It worked perfectly with my former Iphone… It’s sad that such a basic feature isn’t working at all when screen is off. It kills me but it is what it is, I can’t live without this feature it’s essential for me and I can’t understand I got no help from an official technician.

Fair phone is over for me.

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Did you contactsupport to get help from an official technician?
Didn’t find any information about that within your posts.

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