Oil ran into my phone and the micro is not working anymore

oil ran into my phone and the micro is not working anymore.
how can i fix or clean it?

I’m assuming you have a Fairphone 3 (or Fairphone 3+).

Smartphones often suffer from water damage, there is a basic guide how to handle that here:

Now in your case, oil might be a bit different. Anyway, you should disassemble your Fairphone as far as possible. Perhaps the oil allows you to better spot which parts are affected. Some tips as to what you can use (usually very pure alcohol) to clean are given in the above guide.

Water damage usually voids the phone’s warranty. But I still want to add that if you follow iFixit’s teardown, only steps 1 to 7 are within Fairphone’s warranty while opening the modules in themselves is beyond.


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What kind of oil? And which Fairphone are we talking about? FP2 and FP3 are modular, and can be taken apart easily: Fairphone Repair - iFixit


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