Oil/grease in FP2 SD card slot

Hey guys, got a weird problem here. Yesterday I opened the FP2 case and saw there was a huge amount of transparent oil or some kind of grease everywhere inside and to the left of the SD card slot and on the SD card itself. Absolutely nothing visible from the outside, so it either built up inside or somehow entered the phone without leaving any traces whatsoever? It just doesn’t make any sense.
So anyway, I cleaned everything (even stuffed a paper towel inside the SD slot like 10 times to make sure there was nothing left) and let it dry, no visible damage anywhere, phone still working 100% perfectly. Opened it again today, removed the SD card, and lo and behold, there’s oil again on the SD card, but only EXACTLY where this metal bracket is that holds the card in place, take a look:

Are there actually any hardware parts that can leak out something like that? Totally crazy if you ask me. I can assure you I haven’t dipped my phone in coconut oil :smile:

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Spontaneously, the only part containing a non-neglectable amount of liquidity that comes to my mind is the battery.
So you might want to have a look at it and - in case there’s some visible damage or liquidity loss - remove it immediately to avoid potential (further) damage.


I did look at each part actually the first time, took the phone apart to make sure. Interestingly, the battery was completely clean both days.

Hmmm… I know there are self-lubricating bearings, but I never heard about self-lubricating SD cards or smartphones.
Sorry, no idea at all anymore.

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