Often unable to phone since new memory card


Ever since I installed an extra memory card (SanDisk Ultra Micro SD Kaart - 64GB, functions fine) I have problems with making and receiving calls.

Some of these frequent problems:

  • There seems to be no service,
  • The call is not connected
  • People tell me they phoned me, but I have not received a call nor a message of a missed call.
  • When connected, I suddenly hear wild computer noises before being disconnected.

Anyone familiar with these problems and/or any solutions?


That this could be related to the SD card would be new to me. I’d rather suspect a faulty/old SIM card.

I agree it seems unlikely, but started on the day I added the SD-card. Seems very coincidental…

Do the issues disappear when you remove the SD card?
if so, have you tried a different card, maybe from a friend?
What happens then?

Forgive me, for not knowing all there is to this technically, but will I not lose data when I take it out again?

And how to use one of a friend?? I can hardly erase and format it for the sake of an experiment?

This sounds to me a bit like a loose antenna. You may have a look here

resp. here:

AFAIK you don’t lose data, but in case you have formatted the external SD card as internal memory you may not be able to use apps which are stored on the card. Maybe in case better ask your favourite internet search beforehand.

When you have formatted the external SD card as storage memory then you don’t need to worry to try it out, though you obviously cannot access the data which is saved on the card and apps which use the card for saving their data will complain about not having access to it and will switch to use internal memory instead. You may have to choose to use the card memory for these apps manually after the test finished.

I have indeed removed the SD-memory card and it solves the problem. When I put it back in, it seems like I have no reception even though the bars indicate otherwise. About 4 out of 5 calls fail. Super annoying…
I have formatted the card as internal memory, so it would also be very annoying to get rid of it.

Anyone know any solutions?

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