Offline calendar - unable to create a new calendar

I get the following report when I try to create a calendar:
“Der Kalender konnte nicht hinzugefügt werden! Wenn du Cyanogenmod benutzt: Stell sicher, dass due Privacy Guard für diese Anwendung deaktiviert ist um Zugriff auf den Kalender zu gewähren. Wenn du Android 4.3 App Ops beutzt: Stelle sicher, dass diese Anwendung Schreib- und Lesezugriff auf den Kalender hat”
(translates roughly as: calendar can’t be added! if you use Cyanogenmod: make sure to deactivate Privacy Guard for this application to enable writing access. If you use Android 4.3 App Ops: make sure the application has writing and reading rights for the calendar.)

Any ideas on how to fix that? I really would like to get back to using offline calendar & etar in combination.

Same problem here. The built-in calendar doesn’t work because there’s no google calendar account on the phone. Most other offline calendars from f-droid don’t work (I don’t know why exactly) and I get the same report as described above.
The only working calendar is “Calendar” by SimpleMobileTools (to be found on f-droid) but from what I can see that is the only one that doesn’t use built-in calendar functionality (there’s no import of “” in the source code).

Which is no use as you can’t have several calendars or at least import the dates from another calendar. We are past the times where you spend monday mornings manually “synchronizing” several calendars …

Some time ago I tested Offline Calendar and it worked at least once. Have you tried it?

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Offline Calendar is what the whole thread is about typhysm – and yes I did run it and I was happy with it, but with FP2 Open OS I can’t create calendars anymore.

Yes, I tried them all - Etar, Offline Calendar, Standalone Calendar - and none worked but the (too) minimalistic by SimpleMobileTools which I’m not very happy with…

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