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TL;DR; is there a (semi) official/factory approved supplier of refurbished phones in UK (or EU based, but fine to ship to UK) ?

First time post, apologies if incorrect and/or repeated topic. I have searched and didn’t see this specific question. I am aware there is a market place category, but I am asking more specifically about factory or factory approved refurb.

There are UK resellers of new phones. If money were no object I would get new FP5, but that’s more than I want to spend. Even FP4 new (without compromises on screen, 3.5mm jack etc.) is a bit much for my budget new. But a refurb might work out.

Failing this I may go for other brand refurb or possibly budget/midrange brand new. But like the idea behind Fairphone, so reaching out first.


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The Fairphone 4 has no 3.5mm jack. However the Fairphone 3 does.

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I believe there was a time when refurbished FP3 were on offer on the website, you may then perhaps contact fairphone directly to enquire whether they are not planning to do sth similar for FP4 in the future


Yes, I know. That’s my point about a new FP4 being a bit much price wise with the compromise of no 3.5mm jack. Although I probably could have made that clearer.

Actually just re-read my message and I put “without” when I meant “with”. So, yeah, I definitely could have been clearer :person_facepalming:

Yes, I seem to recall finding something along those lines as well; maybe 2019 (ish). I have contacted Fairphone customer support as well as posting here.

Maybe as the fp5 rolls out they will offer some kind of trade in on fp4/fp3 and have some refurb offers.

Hi, you could try They sell refurbished Fairphones and say they deliver to all of Europe.


Haven’t heard of those before, will check them out. Thank you.

For anyone else reading this thread I have, now, received a response to my query with Fairphone support. I won’t quote the whole reply, but the key parts are: -

Unfortunately, we still don’t supply officially refurbished (by us) Fairphone 4s yet. We hope of being able to do this in the future, but we do not have a timeline yet for this.

Followed by a couple of suggestions of other places to look: -

You can surely find other resellers that have refurbished Fairphone 4s, such as Backmarket, Rebuy, and others.

Along with the suggestion to check this forum. So there might be an official scheme, similar to what there was with fp3, at some future point.


Update: Received email from Fairphone today anouncing Fairphone 4 New Life Edition


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