Official LineageOS is here!

Stock launcher (Trebuchet)? … (I don’t use it, so I can’t check) …


Yep, default launcher indeed. That fixed it as well, cheers. Which launcher do you use?

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SquareHome 2 (old Fairphone Open OS screenshot) … for wacky people like me who really like the Windows Mobile UI (but not on the desktop, of course) :slight_smile: .

It can zoom.
And it can badge notify to a certain degree.

Seems like Google removed the setting … (coming from here) …

Can you give us a screenshot? I don’t see it.

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Hi guys,

First post here. I would like to join the club. Do I need to install the like in the unofficial builds, if I’m coming from FPOOS? Or is this integrated in the LineageOS image somehow?
Thank you all for your effort. It is great that that our phone is now officially supported.



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Really great, the 14.1-20171024-NIGHTLY-FP2-LOS-version just landed smoothly at my FP2! Lots and lots of thanks to all you made it possible!!!

Edit: Meanwhile within two days I have had two spontaneous reboots at my phone, just laying around and untouched. :unamused:

Yes, but if you are coming from a recent FP(O)OS, you already have the most recent modem. No need in that case. Later on you’ll need to manually flash modem updates.

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Please use the bugtracker to log your issues. I am going to change the status of old issues that are maybe fixed back to retest-state a.k.a. ‘needs info’.


Ok, the battery seems to be quite the same than before. maybe a very little higher drain. but hardly noticeable.

What i have noticed is that the telephone is in general a bit slower. specially when unlocking the screen it takes a second or so to react and turn on the screen.

just wondering what of the steps will be needed for future updates?
su arm addon will be needed every time?
Tingle patch I guess it is needed.

Would it be better to install future releases with TWRP or would it run from the system itself?

TWRP is better of course, because when you are in TWRP anyway you might as well backup the OS state before the update with TWRP, which can not be a bad idea :slight_smile: .


System can be updated just by using the updater (OTA). Su addon is a one-time thing and will surive the update. Same thing goes for Google Apps. Not sure about tingle, but I thing that is also a one time thing (@Roboe).

But as @AnotherElk says, backups are always good, and you’ll need to update modem when there is a update and / or a Google Apps updated zip from time to time doesn’t hurt either. (I only backup my system and update Gapps when a new modem is available e.g. once every other month).

Can I go from Android 6 to Lineage OS without losing my data and app installations?
Does it go out to a complete new installation, right?

many greetz

Yep, you need to factory reset. If you backup your data, you won’t lose data. Titanium backup is good for apps + appdata. Don’t forget pictures and such are not in a backup and should be backuped manually. TWRP is only good if you want your whole system back.

Follow these instructions.


Tingle patches the framework.jar file (or framework-res.jar, excuse my memory right now) to inject the signature spoofing feature and permission. That system core library is overwritten on each system upgrade. For obvious reasons (core lib), it cannot be marked to survive OTAs, so the Tingle patch needs to be executed per-installation.


Please everyone, admire them for their new shiny LOS badge! :smiley:


I’m again having the effect that the clock in the status bar does not update. Only after rotating the screen. If i pull down from the bar, the clock in the settings date is correct. This seems to only happen if the phone is running for somewhat longer. Mine’s running for more than 40 hours now

Edit: here’s a screenshot, showing the clock app and the status bar:

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Do the other icons in the status bar (battery, network signal, WiFi) update/change while the clock is frozen?

Yes, they do…
It kicked in again and shows the current time. As it looks like this is only happening in the morning, maybe it’s related to my (automatically) putting the phone into airplane mode in the night, from midnight till seven workdays and nine on the weekend…

Edit: no, it happens also in the evening (right, now, for example)

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