Official LineageOS is here!

I came to the same conclusion about the flashlight.
Open Camera was the first thing I tried, but same result. That was the trigger for me to really think something was amiss :innocent:

Have you disassembled and reassembled the camera module (perhaps also cleaned the contacts)?

Not sure if this is the correct place to ask, but anyway… :slight_smile:
Any Pokemon Go experience with LineageOS in comparison with stock ROM?
I am still playing it, but with Stock OS, the phone gets really hot and slow after several minutes, and discharges faster than I can charge it with a power bank :frowning:

Nope, it wil survive the update. But it’s wise to do it a few times a year. I normally do it every time I update the modem.

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Indeed, we also seem to have netmgrd crashes.

Good catch! I’ll try to roll this out in the next release and see if this helps!



Hi @taurui. I’m playing Pokemon Go on the LineageOS+MicroG version and it works well. No excessive overheating (I put the energy saver mode so the screen is black when the phone is upside-down) and the battery discharge is rather high but not higher than the external power bank…

When i press and hold power and select shutdown, then the phone restarts instead of switching off.

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A stupid question and some bug reporting:

  1. I run the 14.1-20171024-NIGHTLY-FP2-LOS-version and I received the new update recently through the updater two days ago. I downloaded the package but I had to do something else in the meantime on another app so I “lost” the updater.

I can’t find it again, nor the file on the internal storage. Do I have another option than downloading the file to the phone and install it through TWRP?

  1. On the 14.1-20171024-NIGHTLY-FP2-LOS-version (amaaaazing work btw), same bugs as reported:
  • Reboot instead of shutting down
  • Random reboots (2/3 per day)
  • Small app crashes (Music app, stickers Notes app)
  • Sometimes the screen get distorted (see screenshots below). Turn off and on the screen usually solves the issue.
  • When using a song as an alarm, it lags so the sound is really bad and too slow.

Stupid counter-question: Did you try deleting cache/data?

No, where exactly do you mean? I am just wondering if I have another chance to install the update from the device interface directly.

Settings > Apps > 3 little dots symbol in top right corner > show system > scroll down to updater > storage > clear data.

PS: Sorry I think I misunderstood.

You just can’t find the updater app right?

It’s in Settings > About phone > Lineage OS updates


[quote=“Sylvain_Fairphone, post:173, topic:34448”]

If it isn’t solved with that firmware please post in that thread to get the issue solved.

[quote]- Sometimes the screen get distorted (see screenshots below). Turn off and on the screen usually solves the issue.[/quote]I can’t reproduce that. The only issue I got with screen is that when it goes off it says in the bottom left corner a debug message that the screen is put off.

This is no “Distortion”, but the (new?) 1-Hand-Helper (so you can reach the “entire” screen with your thumb). If you click into the black areas it should go away - but i haven’t figured out where to set/disable this, nor where you can set the command to trigger it (i guess it is some slide-in/out-guesture).

Edit: A short google later:


To enable 1 hand mode, slide finger from left to right or right to left on the icons at bottom of screen. :slight_smile:


In addition to my previously mentioned issues, I just restarted the phone. While booting, instead of the Lineage logo, there is a text mentioning ‘Android is starting’, for like 20 minutes now.
[Edit: Apparently I could get in the powermenu while the message was on the screen. A reboot later and it starts up fine. At least, this time]

I feel that together with my previous issues, I may have to format my phone (maybe include going back to latest FP Open before installing LineageOS) again to get a clean slate.

My current issues with nightly of 14th November:

  • Internet (Wifi and mobile) very frequently loses connection. Status icons still mention the connection is fine, but no app can reach the internet (airplane or reboot fixes it sometimes)
  • Camera (v2) is not recognized.
  • Apps crash occasionally; they often run fine after 1 or more crashes
  • Cannot change call volume; I had this already with the unofficial builds. The slider now does appear when volume button is clicked, but the volume doesn’t decrease/increase.

Afaik, these issues are not present with other users, hence I am thinking of reinstalling from scratch. Which I dread btw, as I just finished installing everything after flashing the official from scratch…

Thanks! That was it…

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Ow, amazing! I had no idea about the one handed mode feature.
But the second screenshot shows a distortion though (top left corner).

@chrmhoffmann the #bugtracker is still used for official Lineage OS right?

@Douwe maybe it should be renamed as now it says:

###Community Port: LineageOS 14.1 for FP2###
This is the bugtracker for the community port of LineageOS to the FP2.

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Update installed via TWRP 3.1.1-2

The following things work for me so far:

  • call / be called
  • send SMS / receive SMS
  • internet via WiFi
  • internet via mobile network
  • location
  • compass
  • screenshot
  • main camera (new module)
  • selfie camera (new module)
  • USB connection to PC / MTP
  • alarm (incl. swiping it off)
  • MyPhoneExplorer
  • root