Öffi Directions: "unknown start point"


I realize this may not be an FP Open issue, but since I can’t find any solutions online, I thought I’d try it here anyways: I’ve been using Öffi Directions for almost a year now, usually without any problems. Now all of a sudden I am getting the error message “unknown start point” when I try to look up a connection that I have looked up dozens of times before.

I have no idea what changed, the last update was several weeks ago and it has worked since then. I haven’t changed anything on my location settings or anything else I am aware of since last using Öffi successfully. I’ve tried restarting both the app and the whole phone, no luck.

Any ideas what’s going on or what else I could try?

Thanks, as always

Have you tried to clean cache and if this does not help data of Öffi app?


Cleaning the cache helped - thank you!!