Öffi cannot find location since Android 6

I am using Öffi 9.06.12-aosp on my FP2 with FP Open 17.07.6.
It cannot find the location via GPS anymore (used to work with 17.04).
Apparently it does not access the GPS at all as the symbol, that an app is using GPS is not indicated. Öffi has access rights to GPS, cache was cleared and the phone restarted. Other apps (SatStat, OsmAnd~) can find my location quickly.
Does anyone else have this issue?
Is it related to Android 6? Or maybe a bug in Öffi due to a different GPS handling (the phone finds my location MUCH faster than before, in other apps).

It does not work in mode: “high precision”, where GPS, WLAN, Mobile net are used.
However, it works fine in mode “gps-Standort”, so using GPS only

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Hi @DietmarP,

thanks for the update.

You could also contact the Öffi developers. Maybe they need to fix something in their app and information like this is quite helpful if you are an app-developer :wink:

As all other apps are working properly it seems that this is an Öffi app issue.

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I will do that. I have been hoping to find confirmation of my observation in this forum.

EDIT: Answer from Andreas (Öffi-developer):
“Das Fairphone 1/2 ist leider ziemlich buggy, was die Positionsbestimmung
betrifft. Ist wohl ein Softwareproblem. Du kannst probieren, das Telefon
neuzustarten, manchmal hilft das.”

I did the restarting of the phone without an effect.

Does anyone know a widget to quickly change the positioning settings?
EDIT: found it: the Settings widget has that option. It’s now placed next to Öffi

Hi Dietmar

I have the same issue with Öffi 9.06.12-google on my FP2 OS 17.07.6.
I always thought that I’m not patient enough, but thanks to your post I know I’m not alone.
I tried restarting the phone and also setting High Accuracy Location, but it did not help.
I will contact the developer and return here with his reply.

Kind regards,

Try setting “Standortmodus” “Nur Gerät, GPS zur Standortbestimmung nutzen”. In that mode Öffi works for me. I put the corresponding Settings-Widget next to Öffi to switch each time I need it.

Hi Dietmar, thanks a lot, this way it works!

EDIT 16.08.2017: Today Öffi oeffi.app@gmail.com replied to my request:

“Ok danke. Scheint mir aber trotzdem ein Bug im Fairphone zu sein, denn
Öffi fordert einfach eine Location an.”

“OK, thanks, but anyway this seems to be a bug in FP, because Öffi simply requests the location.”

-> I can’t judge who is causing the trouble, but it seems that we have to live with this effect.

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