Offering Fairphone 4 256 GB - grey + protector in grey


I want to sell my Fairphone 4 256 GB in grey + protector in grey, because I got a very good company phone.
I bought the FP on 02.05.2022.
The Screen is fine and was most time covered with a protector, and the rest is also working fine.
Only the back cover has 2 little damages. It’s tight anyway but maybe less water-resistant.
Also, there are some scratches from the cover at the aluminum side.

I would offer it for 400 € + shipping (if needed).
If someone from Berlin is interested, you could also pick it up.

Please just DM me, if you are interested. :slight_smile:

And also:

It is customary here on the forum to post a picture showing the phone with today’s date on the screen.

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