Odd Behavior with memory space

My brand new fairphone (received it last month) has a weird behavior with the memory space. In the settings it says there’s 5go out of 64g of space left, but when i try to take a picture i have the message “there is no storage space left”.
Is this normal?

Thank you for your help, i’m new at this.

Welcome to the Fairphone Community :slight_smile:

Three quick thoughts:

  • Is Fairphone OS on your FP3 up to date? Check Settings > About Phone > Build number to find out
  • Have you inserted an SD card in your FP3? If yes, it might be formatted in an unfortunate way.
  • Only 5 GB out of 64 GB left after just one month is, honestly said, extraordinary (never heard of one filling the storage so quickly). I would strongly advise you to free up space, ideally so that 20% of the storage stays free.

Ok, my Bad i realized i just messed up the music files upload and some files are duplicated… I’ll clean it up, sorry for wasting your Time.



Yes below 4GB is a problem even 6GB can give a warning.

Best to get an SD card and format it as Portable or format it as FAT32 on a PC and transfer you music before you insert it in the phone if you like.

Note: Data on the phone’s 64GB and any on an SD card formatted as Internal is encrypted. If you get a serious problem with the phone and|or you have to factory reset you will loose all the data on both. Hence always format as Portable and keep your personal data there.

Thank you very much for your help !